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Teacherpreneurs. Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don't Leave

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We need a bold new brand of teacher leadership that will create opportunities for teachers to practice, share, and grow their knowledge and expertise

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  • It s about empowering expert teachers who can buoy the image of teaching and enforce standards among their ranks while all along making sure that their colleagues as well as education policymakers and the public know what works best for students

    The authors trace the teacherpreneurs' steps and their own in the effort to determine what it means to define and execute the concept of teacherpreneurism in the face of tough demands and resistant organizational structures.

    The book follows a small group of teacherpreneurs in their first year

    These teacherpreneurs embody the concept that teachers can teach as well as lead the transformation of teaching and learning

    This book is about teacherpreneurs highly accomplished classroom teachers who blur the lines of distinction between those who teach in schools and those who lead them

    We join their journey toward becoming teacher leaders whose work is not defined by administrative fiat, but by their knowledge of students and drive to influence policies that allow them and their colleagues to teach more effectively

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